The Clockwork Geisha – An Introduction

So, I finally did it – I started a blog! And in my very first post, I’d like to introduce myself to you.

Hello! My name is Abi, I live in Kent and I like to sew. This is me:


I quite like this photo because I’d just been to the hairdressers, ha ha. I’d love to be able to say I do a lot of sewing, but I don’t.  I have a full time job and a full time boyfriend, so I get to sew maybe once or twice a week.

I also swear a lot. Sorry about that.

So, I wanted this blog to be about my sewing adventures, partially so I can document the experiences I have while I’m learning, learning, learning.  I lean towards an ‘alternative’ style and I felt like that was being underrepresented in the blogosphere – unless you’re into vintage fashion. [EDIT: Increasingly not sure this is true. I’ll just add my voice to their choir 😉 ]  I dabbled with 40’s/50s styles a few years ago, and I still like them, but really you’ll be seeing a lot of black. And skulls. What you won’t be seeing is lots of PVC, corsets or velvet.  I had my goth phase, and basically I’m pretty much too old to bother with those extremes of fashion any more.  Nowadays I like to take ‘normal’ fashion patterns and just make them a little more me – I guess just like everyone else does!

I might make a corset one day. Maybe.

Currently my sewing aims are to produce more cake and less frosting (terms I have picked up from an American blog and then instantly forgot the source – apologies, Originator!)[EDIT: it was Tasia at Sewaholic. Embarrassing.].  I love making fancy, pretty dresses that I agonize over and then wear once for a party, only to shove them to the back of the wardrobe or, more recently, to a box in the attic.  I thought very hard about joining in with ‘So,Zo’s’ Me Made May this year, and realised that, realistically, I would be wearing the same three t-shirts in rotation for a month.  I need to make more practical, everyday clothing that I can wear to work!

An ongoing sewing goal is to expaaaand my repertoire of skills.  I’ve been sewing since I was 15-ish but I wouldn’t consider myself more than an advanced beginner, because it seems like there is so much still to learn! I’ll never back down from a challenge though, because I try not to see them as challenges.  They’re all learning experiences! Jump in with both feet and get on with it, I say! So what if you fuck it up? It’s only fabric at the end of the day. (See, told you I swear. Sorry.)


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