Getting Shirty

So, I’d identified that I needed to make more things to wear in everyday, non party going life.  You’d be amazed at how many parties I don’t go to, you know.  Currently I’ve been favouring wearing a plaid shirt over a black top; I have two shop bought plaid shirts that were fitting the bill quite nicely, one in green and one in burgundy, but what I really craved was a black shirt to wear over patterned t-shirts.

This is the style that I’m going for. Although obviously, I look far less effortlessly cool.

Lets be honest, that’s probably not too hard to find in the shops.  But that’s not how I roll.

I really wanted to make my new shirt in a brushed cotton flannel type fabric.  That was harder to find, as I wanted something as lightweight as my shop-shirts, and I had real trouble sourcing black flannel at all. Eventually I found something approaching what I wanted on eBay, and eagerly awaited its arrival!

I’ll be honest, the fabric was a little heavier than I’d hoped for, but I ploughed on regardless because I could happily spend entire lifetimes shopping for fabric and never make a damn thing.

I chose Kwik Sew 3555 as my pattern, largely because it didn’t have any shaping to speak of.  I didn’t want to have princess seams, darts or any other like, I wanted my shirt to look as unisex as possible.  I chose the long sleeve option, and to include the optional pocket.   I cut the large even though it was slightly bigger than my chest measurement – plenty of ease in what is supposed to be a baggy garment.  I could have gone even further and cut the XL – I think if I find a drapey-er fabric, that’s what I’d do next time.  And there might well be a next time – this was a nice pattern to use! All the notches matched up nicely (not always the case, alas) and the instructions were clear.  I did have a couple of headscratching moments when sewing the yoke in, but I think that was more my inability to think in 3D, and was solved by Reading The Instructions Again.

It wasn’t all plain sailing though – I struggled with the cuff slit facing a bit, and produced something I wasn’t exactly delighted with, in the vein of ‘oh, that’ll do’.  I had every intention of wearing the shirt with the sleeves rolled up anyway, so I wasn’t too bothered…. cue me sewing the sleeves on inside out.  And only noticing once I’d stitched them in, overlocked and topstitched.  There was 100% No Way I was going to unpick them and put them back in after all that! I know this is a rookie mistake, but in my defence there was no discernible right or wrong side to the fabric, so at that point the only way I could tell I’d done it was that the cuff slit facings were on the outside instead of the inside.  Bah.Side view shirt

My boyfriend likes attaching balloons to my dummy to make a head, because he’s funny.

Actually, once I’d attached the cuffs and rolled the sleeves up, it kind of looked better than if they’d been the right way round.  So, I’m saying my subconscious did it intentionally. Yep.

Collar stand

Check out that collar stand though. Pretty pleased with that.

You might notice a complete lack of buttons. I was intending to use Kam snaps, but discovered that the only star shaped ones I had were red, not black, I’d run out of round black ones and when I ordered more and they arrived, I decided they weren’t right either. I’m still quite keen on using poppers rather than buttons, but since I’m unlikely to wear this shirt buttoned up, there’s no mad rush.

The fabric is a bit heavy.  I think it’ll be snuggly in winter for a second layer, and works quite well as a very thin jacket for the 3 days of warm weather we’re getting this summer, so I’m ok with it.

Front view shirt

I’m counting this one as a success! I’ve worn it out a few times already, so it’s firmly in my clothes rotation. Maybe one day it’ll even get buttons 😉


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