For a couple in our 30s with no kids, my boyfriend and I own more than the usual number of stuffed toys. I personally suspect that we are compensating for a lack of pets; nevertheless, we are the proud owners of two corduroy sausage dogs, an otter and two penguins, one of whom wears a rather natty tiger print waistcoat. The last thing we needed was another furry friend to add to our menagerie but when my boyfriend informed me very sadly that I kept making toys for other people and not for him, I just couldn’t resist his puppy dog eyes….


L to R: Blausages, Boris, Otto Von Smallo, Snausages

And so, this was an opportunity to try our a pattern from an Etsy seller whose wares I’d seen popping up all over Pinterest, by the name of DIYFluffies. Her patterns range from rockets to manatees, so of course the Boyfriend chose a cat.

Given his choice of colours, he also wanted red like the picture, but he did let me make one change – the original Boris looked sad, could I make him smiley please? My love, your wish is my command.

The patterns are available as PDF although you can also order entire kits including appropriate fabric if you so desire. I chose a PDF as I only discovered the kits later. *facepalm* Let me tell you, the pattern is lovely to work with, or specifically the instructions are. I’ve never worked with long pile faux fur before, and the instructions are marvellously clear on things like which way up to place your pattern pieces with regard to the pile, and which way to comb the pile before stitching.  They come in jolly colours and are accompanied by informative illustrations.  I couldn’t ask for more really, clearly a lot of love has gone into the creation of this pattern.

I did have some trouble turning the tail out – you need to sew the curved tube right sides together and turn it through, but one part of that is rather skinny and fitting the faux fur through it was tricky.  Sadly, I ended up matting the fur slightly in my efforts. Not a major issue, and I’m not sure the Boyfriend has even noticed, but it’s annoyed me all the same. The rest of the cat came together beautifully, however.  I initially moved the pile of the fur out of the way to sew on the facial features, but found that they got lost under all that fur, so I unpicked them and sewed them back on over the pile, to much better effect.

And you’ll need a comb. And an industrial vacuum cleaner – I was covered in red hair for days!

So now we have a Boris! What do you think – maybe we need a manatee too? Or there’s a pretty cute rhino…..



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